Practical information: accommodation, safety, currency


Accommodation during the conference is not provided by the organisers. In Bratislava there are numerous hotels around and in the heart of the centre. Many of them offer great cuisine in their own restaurants; some offering also wellness.

Diverse hotels, hostels, guest houses and private accommodation can be booked via standard providers – check e. g. Trivago or We recommend early booking, since the prices may raise.

Safety and security

The single European emergency telephone number 112 works in Slovak Republic as well. Call this number whenever you find yourself in a life-threatening situation, or when your health, property or the environment is in danger. This number joins together emergency services – the fire brigade, ambulance, police and other emergency services in Slovakia, such as the Railway police, Mountain rescue, etc.

The security situation in Bratislava is in this aspect similar to all the European capitals. Especially in places, where many tourists pass by (i.e. The Old Town, bus and train stations, means of transport), you have to pay attention to your personal stuff and valuables. For motorists the usual measures are valid – it is recommended to park the cars on guarded parking places, not to leave valuables unnecessarily in the parked car. It is the best to keep your valuables in the hotel safe.

It is recommended to close a health insurance contract before coming to Slovakia, which is usually a part of the travel insurance package.


The currency of Slovakia is the euro.

Only exchange money in banks and certified exchange offices. You can find these in all major hotels and some department stores. Travellers’ cheques aren’t generally accepted in stores, small hotels or restaurants. You can’t exchange Scottish or Northern Irish bank notes.

Payment cards (VISA / VISA Electron, MasterCard / Maestro) are widely accepted in Slovakia in shops, gas stations, restaurants, hotels etc, payment terminals run in online mode requiring the customer to enter PIN code. PIN is not required mostly for contactless payments up to 50 Euro.


230 V/50 Hz, standard European sockets of type C or of type E with a safety pin, more info.


Official language of the country is Slovak.
English and German are the most often used foreign languages. Less frequent is the knowledge of French, Spanish, Italian or Russian.


In catering facilities, in trains and at workplaces smoking is allowed only in areas reserved for smokers. Smoking prohibition is valid in closed public areas (covered bus stops, closed sports fields), in publicly accessible spaces (stations, cinemas, theatres, museums, galleries, exhibition grounds and similar) and at schools.

Drinking water

Tap water is everywhere drinkable, besides some exceptional cases, when a notification warns about the possible defect.

Phone calls in/to/within Slovakia

International country code of SR: 00421 (+421).
Mobile operators on the area of SR: Orange, Slovak Telekom, Telefónica O2.
Slovakia, and in particular Bratislava, is well covered by mobile phone networks.

Vaccinaton and medical meausres

Before the arrival to Slovakia no special health precautions or medical measures are necessary.

COVID19 restrictions


Climate and weather in summer

The country (in particular Bratislava, which is one of the warmest places in Slovakia) can be described as having a fairly typical European continental climate with warm, dry summers and cold winters but not extreme. In June/July it is usually pleasant warm weather with little rain, temperature ranging around 20-25°C; sometimes, however, it can get up to 30 °C. It is good to carry summer clothes with a jacket, sweater, or other warmer clothing for the evenings.